Friday, April 8, 2011

Infographic / Data Visualization Project Final?

I applied some suggestions after critique and this is what I came up with :).  I think it looks much better!  Thank you everyone for the help :).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Info-graphics / Data Visualization

I thought the combination of research and design was really neat.  This is a graph/chart that illustrates how people spend their time online.  It is easily readable while more or less humorous.  I want to apply how clean and legible this piece is to my own project.  I want to ensure that my project is not difficult to read or cluttered, but rather having a simple piece, and possibly using the same method of reinforcement on the right hand side with the listed categories just for more clarification.

I really enjoyed how creative, colorful, and interesting this piece is.  It's a map of the major cities, all intertwined and connected, creating a really wonderful piece that keeps the eye moving and interested in it.  I want the same effect to be translated into my own project.

This is something utterly fun and possibly useful.  For a confused or blocked typographer, this would be an interesting way to go about choosing a typeface.  Even if not in such a predicament, it is a fun tool to use that has so many possibilities and leaves one looking for hours.  I want to have the same effect.  I want to create something that is not only humorous, but possibly useful in the real world.